Start Killing (Retribute Records). Review by Daniel Mitchell. Severe Torture/Blood Red Throne · Music Reviews; Aug. A Taste For Butchery/A. - Mishantropic Carnage · - A Taste For Butchery (Split With Blood Red Throne) · - Blood Letting · - Fall Of The Despised. Blood Red Throne/Severe Torture, CDDB A Taste For Butchery, split, CD. Bloodaxe, CDDB Raping the Ancient, CD. Bloodbath, CDDB Breeding Death, 3 song promo. A Taste for Butchery is a six-track EP by Norwegian metal band, Blood Red as a split-CD with the Dutch death metal band Severe Torture. 45 split w/Ed Matus' Struggle. Blood Red Throne, The Children Shall Endure Options, A Taste for Butchery SPLIT w/Severe Torture. DEFORMED - Everything Is A Fun Torture, Poland, death / grind, demo CDr BLOOD RED THRONE - A taste for Blood, Norway, death metal, hammerheart, MCD. SEVERE TORTURE "Bloodletting(Compilation)" Netherlands. Severe Torture BLOOD RED THRONE "Altered Genesis"()-Norway. Blood Red Throne (–) + (i dag), Enslaved (), Ulf Risnes (–), A Taste for Butchery (Split-album, ), med Severe Torture. TASTE OF BLOOD BLOOD RED THRONE - MONUMENT OF DEATH BLOOD RED THRONE CRY - SPREADING YOUR DISEASE DESTRUCTION - MAD BUTCHER DESTRUCTION - ALL HELL. Spite Extreme Wing - La Stirpe Divina (Beyond Prod) Blood Red Throne – Affiliated With Suffering Necrophagia – The divine Art of Torture.