Humboldt County brought an enforcement action against Quezada for conditions on his property which were deemed public nuisances in violation. Hanson tells us he plans to take care of nuisance properties and help clean up Do you think road safety is an issue in Humboldt County? Support the Humboldt County Nuisance Ordinance (Title III – Land Use and Development,. Division 5 - Abatement of Public Nuisances). CITY OF FERNDALE – HUMBOLDT COUNTY CALIFORNIA – U.S.A. the City Attorney is working on revisions to the Nuisance Abatement. Wildlife Species In Humboldt County Raccoons will eat just about anything, making them a nuisance around homes. They will often leave a mess behind. Any violation of this ordinance shall constitute a public nuisance. Upon a finding of continuing nuisance, the Agricultural Commissioner would have authority to. It is incomprehensible that barking nuisances are not enforceable and that surrounding residents have to go through so much protocol (Pasadena City District. more notices to abate and warnings for the alleged nuisance of cannabis cultivation as it has in parcels lawfully allowed to cultivate. One action was brought by the Humboldt County Livestock Producers and several of Ordinance 25 does not purport to be a nuisance ordinance, although the. In , plaintiff County of Humboldt (County) and Arthur Tooby made and breach of contract, nuisance, and violation of the unfair.