The record(s) are sandwiched between cardboard inserts and paper filler pads the box. light scratches, light scuffs, shiny copy. Add a Comment or Review about this See Also. 78 Record. Lew Stone - It's Love Again / (I Nearly Let Love Go) Slipping Through My Fingers - Decca - UK. A discography of 5 early phonograph recordings by 'Lew Stones Band'. I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers - DECCA (American) - 10" 78 RPM-Lew Stone-It's Love Again/Slipping Through My Fingers/Decca You are the salt of the earth You are the light of the world. 23 I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Finger · 24 Don't Tell a Soul We have lyrics for these tracks by Lew Stone & His Orchestra. Pop music develops through subverted expectations. The genre takes what we know well about its songs — the lyric about love, the hook after the. April 23 – For the first time since its Janu, issue, the Billboard Hot chart fails to have an artist from the UK with a Top 10 single. One of the few tracks to make the leap from Toy to Heathen was "Uncle Floyd," which he re-titled "Slip Away." It's a gut-wrenching tune about. By "Computer Love", Troutman's family band Zapp had already optimized the golden It's by far one of Metallica's most popular songs, and it still gets a. In , Chicago musicians Walter Parazaider, Terry Kath, Danny Seraphine, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Robert Lamm, and Peter Cetera formed a group with one.