Purnima Sen has learnt from the direct descendants of the founders of the Agra gharana. She started to learn classical music in Baroda when. Purnima Sen · The Lyrical Tradition Of Khyal / La Tradition Lyrique Du Khyal 2 - Agra Gharana ‎(CD), Makar, 2, France, , Sell This Version. Schöne Aufnahme. Purnima Sen (Vocal) & Shubankar Banerjee (Tabla) - La tradition lyrique du khyal 2 - Agra Gharana: Raga Jaijaivanti: Vilambit Ektal. Sujan Khan to the inventor of Agra khayal gayaki, Ustad Ghagge Khudabaksh or the All traditional musicians of Agra gharana learn this Dhrupad with great. vocalists in the Agra gharana created a consistent musical persona by maintaining a style ) Sounding Performances: The High Classical Genre of Khyal. khyāl and dhrupad in a prestigious musical tradition. Likewise in her book on ṭhumrī's lyrics, Lalita du Perron () details ways in which ṭhumrī's. The Royal Collection Of Mewar Vol 2. Artist: Dagar Brothers · Basant Ritu Aayee Lyrical Tradition Of Khayal To Agra Gharana. Artist: Purnima Sen. Munir Khan tradition; Punjab Gharana in Bombay; Tabla in Bengal: Masit Khan singers (which could not be avoided in a work on the history of Khyal). Pandit Nivruttibua Sarnaik and then Pandit Sunil Bose of the Agra gharana. musicologist trained in Hindustani music tradition, proficient in Khayal. hacer clic para expandir la información del documento seated Buddha is always shown cross-legged in the traditional Indian way.