Play and download album by Trash Talk - including the songs "Eat The Cycle", "Exile On Broadway", "My Rules" Alternative, released on October But Sacramento's Trash Talk have arrived at the helm of contemporary hXc thanks to minute LP is frontman Lee Spielman's delivery. Odd Future****. Trash Talk's dalliance with Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future bunch of Bash Street Kids makes a lot of sense. Trash Talk - (). 01 - Eat The Cycle. 02 - Exile On Broadway. 03 - My Rules. 04 - F.E.B.N.. 05 - Uncivil Disobedience. Music Reviews: by Trash Talk released in via Odd Future. Genre: Hardcore Punk. (Vinyl LP) · 1. Eat The Cycle · 2. Exile On Broadway · 3. My Rules · 4. F.E.B.N. · 5. Uncivil Disobedience · 6. Blossom & Burn · 7. Reasons · 8. Fuck Nostalgia. Trash Talk - "". Last week, Trash Talk released their latest album, , in conjunction with Odd Future Records. Now, the California hardcore punk band has. Trash Talk are four-piece a hardcore punk band from Sacramento, , Trash Talk released their fourth LP titled through Odd Future. We're less than a week away from the release of Trash Talk's , their first album to be released on Odd Future's label.