Kissin' Cousins - Full Cast & Crew A lieutenant is dispatched to the Smoky Mountains to persuade his hillbilly relatives to permit the Air Force to build a. A Double Dose of Elvis: KISSIN COUSINS (). Iffin the darn tootin' U.S. government wants to use land in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Well I've got a gal, she's as cute as she can be. She's a distant cousin but she's not too distant with me. We'll kiss all night. I'll squeeze her tight. (/Follow That Dream) 32 tracks -As part of its Classic Album series, FTD is pleased to announce the release of the original soundtrack album for. Kissin' Cousins was Elvis' 14th movie release, although of course it was filmed after Viva Las Vegas. The “Lost Album” session had only been four months. Kissin' Cousins (stylized onscreen as KIS?IN' COUSINS) is a American musical Panavision Metrocolor comedy film directed by Gene Nelson and starring. FTD Vinyl is pleased with the release of "Kissin' Cousins - Limited Vinyl Edition". The album features great alternative versions of songs from the movie. Kissing cousin definition is - one that is closely related in kind to something else. Well I got a gal she's as cute as she can be. Well she's a distant cousin but she's ain't too distant for me. And we kiss - all night. I squeeze - her tight. KISSIN COUSINS. ELVIS PRESLEY in stunning publicity shot. ELVIS PRESLEY in the M o vi e s. The Photo is in very fine condition.