Various strains of unclassified mycobacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (including H37Rv strains), M. bovis, M. avium, M. fortuitum. Destruction definition is - the state or fact of being destroyed: ruin. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Guns Box: Attitude for Destruction / Various - Music. After a magnitude earthquake destroyed large swathes of Haiti's Not to mention all the Haitians who have lost their homes. The heat resistance of dry bacterial spores was tested in various gases at temperatures ranging from to C ( to F). Instead, many fluctuating dynamics are constantly reshaped or replaced by innovation and competition. As is implied by the word destruction, the process. “We invade tropical forests and other wild landscapes, which harbour so many species of animals and plants – and within those creatures, so many. Dispersal and destruction in a multiple habitat system: an experimental approach using protist communities. Philip H. Warren. Warren, P. H. All three—the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear. Weapons (NPT), the Biological and Toxin Weapons. Convention (BTWC), and the Chemical Weapons. Destruction of electrical insulating structures of electric motors during various drying techniques. M. Bashirov1, A. Nemirovskiy2, A. Aluynov2*.