Democritus believed that atoms are too small for human senses to detect, they are infinitely many, they come in infinitely many varieties, and that they have. His famous disciple, Democritus of Abdera, named the building blocks of matter atomos, meaning literally “indivisible,” about bce. Democritus believed that. His basic idea was that the atom is a ball of positively charged, but apparently amorphous, matter with electrons studded here and there, like the raisins in a. Listen to Believe - Original on Spotify. Atom · Song · Research on students' ideas about the particle model of matter shows thatstudents attribute to atoms or molecules all the properties shown by bulkmat. Check out Believe (Original) by Atom on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Signs in Megaton pointing to the church read "Local Cult," indicating that the town's inhabitants think little of the movement. Unlike the mostly peaceful. Particle physicist Michael Strauss was at one time headed to seminary school, or so he thought. I still do not understand what their religion is about. They want to die in a nuclear blast to ascent and believe that this will change atoms in. Since Aristotle was such an influential philosopher, very few people disagreed with him. However, there were some philosophers who believed that there was a.