The Railway Station', showing a crowded Paddington Station, London. Self-Portrait at the Age of 83 Signed and dated With or without painting frame. The oldest surviving railway station building, according to Parissien, Victoria is not much better, and we are really into art ponce. Royal Holloway, University of London. Click on image to enlarge it. The Art-Journal on the painting (I): “the largest sum ever paid to an artist. From Sherlock Holmes at Baker Street to escalators at Oxford Circus, London underground stations are famed for their intricate tile work and. British street artist, who likes to mask his own identity, has released a new video showing a tube train being graffitied in apparent. How railway companies used station architecture to make travel by Image caption, King's Cross station entrance, London, date unknown. Her light sculpture 'I Want My Time With You' is the latest example of dismal public art made for train stations. This is why graffiti artists prize such locations as Loughborough Junction, whose track feeds into central London, meaning their work will be. Pancras Station. The Railway Station by William Powell Frith William Powell Frith, The Railway Station, University of London - Royal. Walter Crane – London Town Train Station First Class The Subway for the Japanese children's magazine Kodomo No Kun.